White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are financially motivated offenses or are offenses committed through the course of one’s business. White collar crimes can be charged in federal court or state court, or both.

Federal investigations have increasingly targeted white collar crime. The attorneys at Hayes Law have the knowledge and expertise needed to build a successful defense for the most complex and serious cases.

The primary examples of of white collar crimes include:

  • Corporate Fraud — hallmarked by false accounting, misusing company property for personal gain, obstructing official business by attempting to divert an investigation away from fraudulent activities.
  • Money Laundering – commonly charged where there is a spending of funds acquired through illegal activity on legal business activities in order to legitimize the money.

Hayes Law’s attorneys defend clients against state and federal charges on the following white collar offenses:

  • Bribery,
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud,
  • Credit card fraud,
  • Computer fraud,
  • Embezzlement,
  • Forgery,
  • Identity theft,
  • Insider trading,
  • IRS tax fraud,
  • Mail and wire fraud,
  • Money laundering,
  • Racketeering, and
  • State tax evasion.

Racketeering is probably the most well-known white collar federal offense. According to Title 18 of the United States Code §§ 1961-1968, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) was enacted to prosecute individuals or organizations who commit at least two criminal acts within a ten-year period that are associated with racketeering activity involving interstate commerce. Since this offense is a federal crime, a person charged with this offense will be prosecuted in Ohio’s federal courts.

Racketeering describes illegal business practices in general. The term itself comes from organized crime, which ran rackets such as rigged lotteries and protection scams. Under current law, any pattern of activities related to bribery, embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering can be prosecuted as racketeering.

If you are charged with or are being investigated regarding a white collar crime, contact Hayes Law today. The earlier you retain counsel, the more options and avenues we can create for you.