Federal Crimes

Most criminal charges are brought in state court by the county or city prosecutor’s office, but some can be charged as federal crimes. Charges may generally be brought by the federal government in the following circumstances:

  • The illegal activity took place in multiple states
  • The defendant was arrested by federal law enforcement
  • The case involves a large criminal enterprise.

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While there are many federal offenses with which one can be charged, here are some of the most commonly charged:

  • Conspiracy — Two or more people contributing to illegal activity. Whether you are minimally involved or lead an organization, you may face federal charges.
  • Drug Trafficking — Drug offenses, from possession to trafficking, are federal offenses, under the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Insider trading — Federal authorities may charge under securities-related statutes when one is in possession of material non-public information while engaging in a purchase or sale of a security.
  • Internet Sex Offenses — Federal authorities are cracking down on internet sex offenses such as child pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking.
  • Gun Violation — Federal gun offenses generally include using a firearm in carrying out a federal offense and illegally selling or possessing firearms.

Federal criminal offenses are taken seriously and the penalties for convictions vary. For example, in an Ohio state court, the maximum potential sentence for trafficking in cocaine is 11 years in prison and up to $20,000 in fines; whereas in federal court, the maximum potential sentence for the same offense is life in prison and up to $10 million. The guidelines for federal conviction sentencing are complex and multiple factors are considered.

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