If you are charged with an OVI in Ohio, prosecutors must prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt. First, the state must be able to prove that you were operating a vehicle – this may be proven if the vehicle is on and in park. Next, the State must prove that while you were operating the vehicle, you were intoxicated, through results from a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test or drug test or during the course of a field sobriety test.

A defense attorney from Hayes Law will attack the state’s case at every level in order to seek a dismissal of the case or a reduction in charges. For example, lesser included offenses to an OVI charge may be Physical Control or Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Penalties under these alternative offenses are much less severe.

The attorneys at Hayes Law are compassionate and sensitive to the struggles our clients may face with regard to addiction. We have a large network of resources we can utilize to not only achieve the best outcome on the case but also address underlying health concerns.

The penalties for OVI convictions are complicated and the ideas underlying the sentencing schemes are difficult to grasp. Key factors in penalties include: number of prior convictions within the preceding 10 or 20 years, level of test, whether intoxicated by certain drugs versus alcohol, etc. The lawyers at Hayes Law are experienced in defending OVI charges and understand the intricacies of the sentencing schemes, which we can use to your benefit.

For the best chance of challenging OVI charges, you should hire an attorney. Please do not stall in retaining our office’s legal services if you are dealing with an OVI charge. The sooner you do so, the higher the chances that you will obtain the most favorable outcome available. Contact us today so that we can begin building your defense, mitigating the State’s evidence, and protecting your rights.