Probation and Parole Revocation Hearings

If you are accused of violating the terms of your Community Control (“Probation”) sentence or Parole terms, contact Hayes Law today to discuss your options.

A sentencing court can directly place a criminal defendant on Probation at the end of a case, or a person may be placed on probation after their release from prison through Judicial Release. In any case, there are rules one must follow while on Probation, such as attending scheduled meetings, engaging in required programming, abstaining from the use of illegal drugs, and obtaining verifiable employment. If a person violates the terms of their probation, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. If found to have violated their terms, the court has the potential to impose a difference sentence, including a period of incarceration in prison or the local jail.

Call Hayes Law today if you have a warrant out for your arrest because of an alleged probation violation or if a loved one is being held in jail for an alleged probation violation.